Processing Area Supervisor

Location: Oak Bluff, MB, Manitoba, Canada

Posted: Aug-20-2018
Closing: Sep-17-2018


The position will work directly for the Materials Manager.

Direct report(s)

  • Processing area employees: Plasma table operator, Water Jet operator, Powered equipment operator (Saw, Iron Worker, Gear Head Drill Press). Break operator


  • Plan, initiate and allocate work within the processing department.
  • Forecast future work assignments.
  • Monitor maintenance requirements to ensure that downtime is minimized and productivity is improved.
  • Ensure that all required tooling and programming is available as required by production.
  • Ensure proper supervision is maintained in processing area.
  • Ensure that parts are manufactured and processed in the most efficient manner and to best quality level.
  • Maintain regular liaison with management and workers relating to production problems and needs to meet company demands.
  • Provide necessary support to purchasing department on material requisitions. 

Routine Tasks

  • To oversee the day to day activities of their team of operators with emphasis on safety, quality, and performance Periodic part inspections of parts handled by the operators to ensure quality.
  • Inspect Jobs that are Parts only ( No Fabrication )
  • Review jobs in ERP for demand.
  • Physically move partial and completed job kits to shop rack or yard as agreed upon with shop supervisors. 
  • Work with operators to make sure “kits” come together.
  • Input information into ERP System.
  • Move materials to keep work areas clear and safe to work in.
  • Plans work flow to reduce worker down time.
  • Check with production Supervisor(s)/Manager(s) regularly to ensure timely delivery of parts and quality of parts.
  • Perform maintenance on processing area equipment, including preventative maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Review consumables for the machines to prevent down time.
  • Report issues and concerns to Materials Manager as they ​arise.
  • Advise Materials Manager of decisions made in regards to issues and concerns they have handled.

Other Details

  • Mathematical skills to perform the work required.
  • High school education required.
  • 5-10 years manufacturing experience
  • Fast paced, handing of heavy loads, physically demanding, bending, crouching, kneeling, standing.
  • Vehicle and equipment experience – dollies and hand trucks, overhead cranes, industrial lift truck and forklift; licenses or certification preferred. 

Salary and benefits will be dependent on skills, experience, and qualifications. 

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